L'OCCITANE, 40 Years of True Stories

Love stories are our true stories

For its 40th anniversary, L'Occitane celebrates the passions it shares with men and women who nurture true beauty, inspired by nature.

It has been a busy time for L'Occitane, harvesting from close and faraway lands, discovering new plant innovations and opening 3,000 stores worldwide. We are truly committed to supporting communities across the globe, from fighting avoidable blindness worldwide and encouraging liberation for the women of Burkina Faso to setting up support funds for lavender in Provence, it continues to be dedicated to improving lifestyles in need. 

Over the past 40 years, these dreams have become a daily reality and it is thanks to the support and passion from millions across the world. 



The Birth

Where it all started

This is the true story of a son of Provence. A son with a passion for his land. 

Discover the dream of a 23-year-old who wanted to change the world, impassioned by the power of plants.

The year is 1976, L'Occitane is born.


The Immortelle

Meet an everlasting flower

From the Corsican soil grows the Immortelle -  a legendary plant that never fades, even after it has been picked. L'OCCITANE has extracted an organic essential oil from the plant - a true concentrate of anti-ageing performance that bestows its "secret" of eternal youth on the skin.


The Shea Butter Adventure

Our special bond with Burkina Faso

This is the true story of a meeting between Olivier Baussan and the women of Burkina Faso.

In 1980, L'Occitane places its first order and a mutually beneficial partnership is forged.


Beauty Essentials

Created by L'Occitane, chosen by you!

Distilling, planting, growing, innovating… Over the past 40 years, L'OCCITANE has been sharing the colours, scents and tradition of the South of France with the world. Our product lines range from body care to home fragrances, giving you the opportunity to discover the hidden virtues of plants and taking you into a world rich in scents and aromas.

(Re)Discover L'OCCITANE's most beloved products, made with the finest ingredients and 40 years of traditions.



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2016 is a year of celebration, the perfect occasion for us to share our true stories with you.

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