Eye Care

Discover our Immortelle anti-ageing eye care, made with immortelle floral water, for visibly younger-looking skin. For the Immortelle face care collection, L'OCCITANE has concentrated the extraordinary anti-ageing properties of the legendary immortelle flower from Corsica, which never fades, even after being picked.





Eye Care(3)

  • Awarded best daily eye cream, anti wrinkle eye cream Precious balm for puffy eyes and dark circles
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    Precious Eye Balm

    ReviewNote 9 /10 (71 reviews)
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  • Anti ageing under eye cream Divine Eye with immortelle organic extract
    • Bestseller

    Divine Eyes

    ReviewNote 8 /10 (58 reviews)
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  • Divine Eye Balm
    • Bestseller

    Divine Eye Balm

    ReviewNote 9 /10 (6 reviews)
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