Gift Ideas for a Colorful Christmas

Perfume, trendy decorations or sweets… here are some gift ideas, a little in advance, for this Christmas 2013.
By Angélique Jurquet

Gift Idea n°1: Golden Mimosa Seduction

Gentlemen, to make sure that your heart’s desire lights up when she opens her gifts, take a chance on L’Occitane’s new perfume, Fleur d’Or & Acacia, a floral, musky and luminous scent, plus a pretty pair of earrings from Médecine Douce, which recall the golden mimosa flowers.

Gift Idea n°2: Cocooning in Style

Picture a winter evening, a L’Occitane cinnamon scented candle alight and a Kaleido tray by Danish designer HAY on the coffee table in the living room carrying a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Yes, this is the definition of ‘relaxation.’

Gift Idea n°3: Exotic Escape

The Orient, Asia… To get away, there's no need to travel or invest in plane tickets. Exoticism is at your fingertips with this perfume for him, the Vetyver cologne, with notes of cedar wood and nutmeg, and a Chinese style tray (by Ari on a sense of travel is guaranteed!

Gift Idea n°4: Colorful Delicacies

With winter approaching we appreciate two things, protecting our hands from the cold and warming up by eating sweet delights. With tasty oblong pastries from the French patisserie l’Éclair de Génie and a knob of L’Occitane hand cream, we are satisfied!

Gift Idea n°5: Return to Childhood

Christmas, it’s your chance to return to childhood… right down to the bathroom! For all the big kids, the best gift combination remains a L'Occitane Bonne Mère lavender soap and a submarine for the bath (design by Héctor Serrano forSeletti at Made in Design), the perfect regressive ornament !

Gift Ideas for a Colorful Christmas
L'Occitane hand cream (Pivoine Flora, Verbena and Cherry Blossom),
Eclairs from the French patisserie, L’Éclair de Génie Paris.
Photographies L'Occitane en Provence / L'Eclair de Génie Paris
Gift Ideas for a Colorful Christmas
Fleurs d'Or & Acacia Eau de Toilette by L'Occitane
Charleston creole earrings by Médecine Douce.
Photographies L'Occitane en Provence / Médecine Douce Paris
Gift Ideas for a Colorful Christmas
Vetyver Cologne for men by L'Occitane

Chinoiserie tray by Michael Angove on

Photographies L'Occitane en Provence /
Gift Ideas for a Colorful Christmas
L’Occitane’s Spicy Cinnamon scented candle
Kaleido tray by Clara Von Zweigbergk, large model
Photorgaphies L'Occitane en Provence / Made in Design
Gift Ideas for a Colorful Christmas
L’Occitane Bonne Mère soap

The Submarine bathroom accessory kit, designed by Héctor Serrano for Seletti on

Photographies L'Occitane en Provence / Made in Design

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