Provence Touch: great ideas for freshening up your decor

Does your home's look need a bit of freshening up? L'Occitane shares some practical tips that can make a big difference without having to change too much.
By Mélissa Darré

Idea no. 1: set the tone with fresh paint 

There's nothing like a coat of paint to breathe a bit of new life into a home. Try swapping out one of your living room, bedroom or bathroom's white walls for a more colourful shade. Lavender, olive green, azure, won't take long to brighten your home with the colours of Provence. Nervous? Just as effective, but with less of a commitment, painting a staircase, a door or a piece of furniture can make an impact in a room.

Bonus: the golden rule? Choose only one bright colour, and echo it in textiles and accessories for a harmonious effect. 

Idée n°1 : peindre pour donner le ton
© GettyImages - Halfdark

Idea no. 2 : accessorise for a modern look

Want to add some dimension to your home? There's nothing easier than using an understated collection of accessories. Delicate linens, groups of frames, cosy rugs, designer mirrors...there are plenty of choices to create just the right ambiance. Even better, with a little imagination it's easy to create a unique look. A wooden palette transformed into a headboard? A ladder turned into shelves? Light bulbs used as vases? Reinterpret objects in your own way.

Bonus: blend styles! To avoid having your home look like a lifeless shop, blend the old and the new, hip trinkets and holiday souvenirs. In short, tell your own story.

Idea no. 3: make your mark by customising

If using everyday objects in new ways isn't enough for you, it's time to explore customisation. Accessories or furniture you've grown a bit tired of can become blank canvases ready to be personalised. A great way to create a unique decor, you can achieve this look with stencils, wallpaper or stickers. For a Provençal touch, decorate your walls or furniture with cement tiles, the latest trend.

Bonus: think practical. Changing the feet on a sofa or drawer handles on a chest will give your furniture real personality. Yours!

Idea no. 3: make your mark by customising
© Beija Flor

Idea no. 4: rearrange for new highlights

Sometimes refreshing your decor means making small changes. Just rearranging a room can change its whole atmosphere. Tips? Take time to study your space and measure to find the best arrangement to meet your needs. Rearranging can bring more light into a room and improve its flow. Don't forget that simply adding a centrepiece, like a piece of furniture or a lamp, can give a room a whole new look.

Bonus: what's more fun that combing through an antique shop to find something with character to add to your decor? 

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