In support of women's leadership worldwide


In 2017 we are thinking big, partnering with UN Women

Ever since its creation in 2006, the L'OCCITANE Foundation has been committed to projects that promote women’s leadership in Burkina Faso and throughout the world.

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L'OCCITANE has a special bond with women in Burkina Faso


A special bond with women in Burkina Faso

In the 1980s, the women who make shea butter in Burkina Faso made a convincing impression on Olivier Baussan, through their savoir-faire and their multiple uses of the exceptional ingredient.

Intrigued by its properties, Olivier Baussan decided to develop a range of L'OCCITANE products based on shea butter, which was an immediate success among consumers. To meet the growing demand, L'OCCITANE created a co-development program with the local women. Today, more than 10,000 women in Burkina Faso work in this industry, while several hundred tons of this ingredient travel each year between Burkina Faso and L'OCCITANE's factory in Manosque, France.

The L'OCCITANE Foundation chose to expand this partnership, focusing its action on women's leadership worldwide.

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More than 17,000 beneficiaries in 10 years

Through its actions, the L'OCCITANE Foundation acts on three pillars:

1) Acquisition of basic skills and knowledge by supporting literacy programs

2) Financial and technical support thanks to microcredit programs and training for the development of income-generating activities

3) Promotion of entrepreneurial actions with support for the creation and development of businesses.

Photo credit: Photo by CAAW Kyrgyzstan, FGE Grantee Partner 

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Through a partnership of excellence with UN Women

In 2017, L'OCCITANE goes even further with a partnership with UN Women's Fund for Gender Equality

In doing so, the L'OCCITANE Foundation broadens the scope of its involvement by supporting the two thematic areas covered by the Fund for Gender Equality: women's economic and political empowerment

Since 2009, the Fund has supported 120 programs in 80 countries, touching the lives of some 10 million direct beneficiaries, with a focus on the objective of “achieving a more equal world, a 50-50 planet, where women and girls can freely exercise their leadership in all areas of public, economic and political life.”

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