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Limited Edition – Classic Verbena

The classic and unmistakable Verbena
with a new look.

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Original Verbena Collection

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Limited Edition – Citrus Verbena

A twist on a classic - Verbena & Citrus fruits
with a new look.

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When Colours inspire creativity

A design full of sunshine!

We invited four influencers to come to provence and we asked them for draw inspiration from what they saw, so that together, we could create for limited-edition lipstick shades that would capture their personality - and the personality of provence.

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Choose one of the much-loved L'OCCITANE favourites for only £10
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Inspirational Producers Of Verbena

We commit to respecting biodiversity - using use traceable, sustainably-sourced ingredients. We also treasure our relationships with our producers, especially when it comes to Verbena - Philippe and Magalie Mary who we have worked with for many years.

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Clean hands on the go

Our hydro alcoholic hand gel (now available in different sizes) has 69% of alcohol and a fresh lemony scent. 

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Dry Hands


Washing your hands throughout the day can lead to dry and cracked hands, as water tends to dehydrate the skin and leaves it dry and exposed to the environment. Using anti-bacterial gels frequently can also dehydrate the skin as they contain alcohol. Shea butter’s biggest benefit is that it deeply nourishes and protects the skin. Keep your hands maintained by following our 4-step routine to keep them soft and moisturised!