As a proudly certified B-Corp company and as we work to drive emissions to net zero by 2050, we believe that we need to reduce our environmental impact . Across LOCCITANE group, we are prioritising the drastic reduction of our carbon emissions in all areas of our business. In addition to this carbon reduction, for UK and Ireland, we are now investing in carbon offsets to fund projects that neutralize our footprint on our online orders & returns. The carbon calculation is estimated by taking our average carbon per parcel and multiplying by our average volume per year.

L'OCCITANE has funded the removal of 60 tonnes of CO2e from the atmosphere across 1 project to offset our UK & IE online deliveries and returns. This is in partnership with Ecologi, where we are supporting the Delta Blue carbon removal project in Pakistan.

Why Carbon Removal?

One of the leading drivers of climate change is the increasing concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere as a result of human activity. To prevent climate breakdown, the concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere needs to stabilise at a level which would produce no more than 2°C of warming compared to pre-industrial levels.

Under projected global warming pathways modelled by the IPCC, there is a role for removing carbon from the atmosphere, to complement significant global emissions reductions. We therefore can reduce the rate at which the atmospheric CO2 concentration is increasing by reducing emissions and by directly removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

At Ecologi, they select carbon removal projects which have the best chance of permanent carbon removal and storage, and are accredited to leading standards. They support carbon removal through select methodologies administered by the Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, and Puro Standard. The Ecologi team works hard to select projects which also have additional co-benefits, like benefits to local communities and to biodiversity.