L’OCCITANE’s Cade Collection protects men’s skin from daily aggressions and modern day challenges like shaving, sun and pollution.

The Cade Men's Grooming Collection, for hundreds of years, the oil of the cade – or prickly juniper – tree has been highly prized for its natural antimicrobial and moisturising properties and known as the Healing Oils of Haute-Provence. In the past, the cade tree’s precious oil was used as an antimicrobial, helping the Shepherds of Haute Provence protect their hands and faces against the elements as they worked in the highlands of Haute-Provence. Cade is still grown in Haute-Provence today, our collection uses the finest oils from a small picking area near the charming village of La Chaffaut.
Cade Collection for Men

Cade After-Shave Balm

Enriched with a purifying complex of Cade wood, Rosemary essential oils and protecting Shea butter, this after-shave balm immediately soothes the skin, preventing irritations and the feeling of tightness.

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