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Candied Fruits Scented Candle

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A candle of delicious scents reminiscent candied fruits and traditional sweets.
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A sweet fragrance combining flowers and dried fruit coated in honey, with patchouli, vanilla and caramel base. This scented candle will give your interior a Provencal charm for up to 17 hours.
To extend the lifetime of your candle:
1 - Before lighting your candle, straighten out the wick and trim the wick to 1cm.
2 - Every time the candle is lit, it is preferable to make the wax melt over its whole surface before extinguishing it.
3 - Avoid exposing to drafts. Never burn the candle completely. Dispose when 1 to 2 mm of wax remain in the container.

Safefy Precautions:
- Never leave a lit candle unattended
- Place the candle on a heat resistant surface
- Keep away from children and pets
- The tin may become very hot after a long period
- Do not burn for more than 4 consecutive hours
- Do not move the candle when lit
- Never allow the wick to come into contact with the tin.

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2 Customer Reviews
  • This was the first candle I bought from L'Occitane and I'm so pleased with it. Burn time for me has been over 17 hours and the scent is strong and hasn't faded. I've been so disappointed with popular branded candles as they smell divine when they're not lit, but when they are lit, there's no scent at all. I can definitely recommend this and will continue buying candles from L'Occitane.

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  • I have to say, my mother used to buy L'occitane candles for years and they burnt down really well and just smelt fantastic. However, this candle has been extremely poor, it just melted straight down the middle and left all the wax around it, which could make up another candles worth!! Very very poor, not something I Would expect from L'occitane.

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