L’OCCITANE Gift Factory Flagship Window Display

This Christmas, our Regent Street Flagship store is delighted to transport you to our latest festive window creation, the L’OCCITANE Gift Factory.

Throughout an immersive display, we celebrate our commitments and little-known secrets: Harvesting, Crafting and Gifting.

Take a closer look and you will see our cultivators nurturing and Harvesting precious ingredients, bringing them to our secret gift factory hidden within the heart of Provence. Then come our little-known “sublimators”, who distil in their wooden laboratories and make the magic come to life! Finally, the enchantment of Gifting commences with our store team, who wrap-up the most extraordinary gifts ready to be sent all over the world.

This year we worked with Echo House, a sustainable creative production company,
to create this magical and captivating display celebrating the small world of L’OCCITANE.

Not only is the window beautiful to look at, it is also sustainable- everything is 100% recyclable! It has been handcrafted in Echo House’s London-based workshop, which is powered by renewable energy created on site.

All the paper and card used in this display is either FSC certified or produced from recycled content. Once it reaches the end of its life, the display will be reused, re-purposed and recycled- ensuring zero waste and zero negative impact on the planet.

Head down to our flagship to view the display!

Find out more about our Regent Street Flagship Store here.

Supporting Our Commitments


Our Goal: 100% fair-trade with our direct producers by 2025

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Our Goal: 100% recycled plastic bottles, and owned-stores with recycling service by 2025

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Celebrating Craftsmanship

Our Goal: Promote artisans from Provence, showcasing their skills in our stores as often as possible

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