Divine Reset SPF Collection

84% of consumers agree skin looks younger*

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Divine Reset SPF Collection


Highly concentrated in Immortelle essential oil, the Immortelle Divine Light Cream SPF20 helps fight the visible signs of ageing.

Further boost the efficacy of your Immortelle Divine Light Cream SPF20 with the Overnight Reset Serum and see your skin transformed night after night.

This ageing fighting trio includes:
• 150ml Precious Cleansing Foam
• 50ml Immortelle Divine Light Cream SPF20
• 30ml Overnight Reset Serum

Proven Results of using the Divine Cream with the Overnight Reset Serum

After 1 night:
Skin looks rested: 94%*
Skin is more beautiful: 100%*
Skin is moisturised: 100%*

After 7 nights:
Skin complexion looks fresher: 97%*
Complexion has a healthy glow: 91% *
Skin looks smoother: 97%*

After 28 nights:
Skin complexion looks more even: 97%*
Skin feels revitalised: 94%*
Skin feels firmer: 94%*
Skin is younger-looking: 84%*
Wrinkles and fine lines look less visible: 78%*

*Satisfaction tested on 30 women
L’OCCITANE has been manufacturing products in Provence since 1976.
Behind each product lies an ingredients lies a producer, working with us to sustainably develop their land.


Drawing its name from the immortelle flower and its unique anti-ageing properties, this collection has been proven to revitalise skin and return it to its youthful glory. The rugged Mediterranean island of Corsica is full of enchanting secrets. In the scrubby coastal landscape, L’OCCITANE has discovered a natural treasure, the wondrous never-fading immortelle flower, which retains its vibrant yellow hue even after being picked.  Our Immortelle collection is dedicated to returning youthful vim and vigour to skin, with serums and lotions infused with the opulent oil pressed from this remarkable bloom. Each product in the collection leaves skin firm, supple and with fewer signs of ageing. Fine lines are smoothed away, deeper wrinkles begin to fade and a renewed vibrancy helps to lends your face a glow not unlike that of the luminous immortelle bloom itself.  Our passion for this unique blossom led us to build the world's first ever organic immortelle farm. Set within the Balagne region – known as the Garden of Corsica for its lush landscape – it's the first time the flower has been professionally cultivated with success. At dawn, as the hot Mediterranean sun rises to warm the blooms, the lightly perfumed flowers begin to infuse the air. The blossoms are then picked and pressed that very day, using traditional copper to extract the precious organic essential oil. Immortelle


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    Divine Reset SPF Collection

    Divine Reset SPF Collection

    £124.00 Worth £149.00
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