Duolab Device Sand + 2 Weeks Refined Skin Texture Cream Blend

Make daily your preservative-free skin texture-perfecting moisturiser.
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Discovery the innovative technology of Duolab, a device that enable you to make your daily preservative-free skin texture-perfecting moisturiser.
With 23 patents and powered by proprietary technology, Duolab ensures maximum efficiency and cleanliness.
Cutting-edge thermal technology warms the cream to your skin’s natural temperature for a more effective absorption and for more optimise results.
The Duolab device blends your supercharged Refined TextureTargeted Concentrate and Light Cream Moisturising Base into an ultra-thin cream that improves the skin’s appearance.Your freshly made moisturiser immediately enhances skin's beauty by reducing and correcting imperfections. Pores and fines lines are reduced.
After use, complexion looks radiant and skin feels smooth, soft and velvety.

This collection includes:
1 x DUOLAB device (Sand colour)
1 x Pack of 14 Light Cream Moisturising Base
1 x Pack of 14 Refined Texture Targeted Concentrate

Proven Results

After 1 application:
Skin feels velvety and soft: 91%*
Skin feels smoothed: 84%*
Excess sebum is reduced:81%*

After 4 weeks:
Skin texture looks refined: 97%*
Skin looks more beautiful: 94%*
Pores are less visible: 94%*
Skin looks mattified: 91%*
Skin looks radiant: 84%*

*Satisfaction tested on 32 women over 4 weeks.


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    Duolab Device Sand +  2 Weeks Refined Skin Texture Cream Blend
    Duolab Device Sand + 2 Weeks Refined Skin Texture Cream Blend
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    Light Cream Moisturising Base
    Light Cream Moisturising Base
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    Refined Texture Targeted Concentrate
    Refined Texture Targeted Concentrate
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