The DUOLAB Discovery Pack

Experience DUOLAB, the innovative personalised skincare solution that responds to your skin’s changing needs.
It brings together L’Occitane’s high performance natural and preservative-free formulas that respect the skin’s microbiome, and DuoLab’s unique, patented thermocosmetic technology for effective absorption, scientifically proven.

Tailor-made and freshly blended by you, in the comfort of your home.

Or create your own customised routine

Customise your L'Occitane skincare bases and active capsuels for your Duolab device. Simply combine a mostuising base and a tagreted concerntrate to customise your own face cream, taliored to your skin's needs. Avaiable in packs of 14. 

Make sure you have the same number of bases and concentrates - you need one of each to make your freshly blended face cream. 

1 - Choose your Moisturising Base
For the right level of hydration

2 - Choose your Targeted Concentrate
For your powerful active

3 - Choose The DUOLAB Device
Enjoy your freshly-made face cream