What do Eau De Toilette and Eau de Parfum mean?

Eau de Toilette and Parfum

Shopping for fragrance can be complex. Alongside the unique mixture of scented notes, you might have noticed a difference in labelling and alongside that, a significant difference in price. The French terms used to describe different types of perfume are universal.

Both Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum have precise and specific meanings that are incredibly useful to understand and uncovering the defining features of both can have a significant bearing on both the intensity of your favourite fragrance and the impact on your budget!

Use our guide below and discover which ‘Eau De’ is the best match for you. 

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Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette Meaning

What does Eau De Toilette mean? The French ‘toilette’ refers to the ritual of preparing yourself for the day ahead, from washing to carrying out your daily beauty rituals and spritzing on your favourite scent. Eau de Toilette simply means, water of the toilette and refers to a scented water used to perfume the body and hair. Toilette was in common usage in English but has fallen out of fashion in recent years.

Eau De Toilette is, like all fragrances, a mixture of intensely scented oils, alcohol and a small amount of water. The fragranced oils alone would simply be too intense to perfume your skin directly and the mixture of liquids create a balanced, wearable scent. 

Typically, Eau de Toilette combines around 10% of the fragranced oils that create the unique notes of your chosen scent. Scents are often light and fresh, fading gradually over the course of several hours. They make great everyday and summer scents, never feeling intrusive. 
Eau de Parfum

Eau De Parfum Meaning

Eau De Parfum translates as perfume water and it contains a more concentrated amount of the fragranced oils that define a scent. It should contain over 15% of essential oils and its increased purity attracts an increased price tag. 

These scents last for longer, feel more intimate and make an ideal pairing for a romantic evening or special occasion. Eau De Parfum will usually linger over a longer period and can be used more sparingly than Eau De Toilette.

If you suffer from skin sensitivity, choosing an Eau De Parfum will decrease the likelihood of an adverse reaction, as reduced alcohol levels are kinder to your skin.

Fragrance Tips

However, it is possible to maximise the longevity of your fragrance even further whether you choose an Eau de Toilette or an Eau de Parfum, by using our suggested top tips.
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