Festive Crackers Collection

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Each cracker contains a trio of hand-picked surprises, making these the perfect treat for everyone this Christmas.
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Festive Crackers Collection


The festive season is a time for celebration! What better way to fill it with delight and surprise than by recapturing the pleasures of childhood? These bright and beautiful crackers, each one filled with L’OCCITANE products, are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face this Christmas!

This Christmas must-have includes:
Pleasure and Fragrance Cracker
• 35ml Cherry Blossom Shower Gel
• 35ml Cherry Blossom Body Lotion
• 10ml Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

Sweet Time Cracker
• 35ml Almond Shower Oil
• 20ml Almond Milk Concentrate
• 10ml Almond Delicious Hands

Revitalising Moment Cracker
• 35ml Relaxing Shower Gel
• 33g Effervescent Revitalising Sugar Cube
• 10ml Lavender Hand Cream.


Average Rating 4.5out of5 Write a Review
2 Customer Reviews
  • L’Occitane Festive Crackers

    I bought these as tree surprises for the our lady relatives for Christmas. I am delighted with them and I know my relatives will be also.

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      5 out of 5
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  • Festive Crackers Collection

    Appropriately sized crackers containing right amount of products. For next year, it would be good if 1 of the crackers had green packaging to be more festive looking.

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      4 out of 5
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