How To Choose Perfume

Scent. It can be such a powerful memory evoking, mood-boosting sense in our lives and one that can instantly help you feel more, well, you! So how do we find 'the one' perfume that speaks to you amongst so many choices from the fragrance world? Allow us to help you find your match.

Hello! My name is Millie and I have been with the L’Occitane family since 2013 and currently the Flagship General Manager and a QVC Guest Presenter for the brand.

However, my love for L’Occitane goes even further back to the moment I discovered my Mum’s Lavender Shower Gel in our family bathroom when I was younger, and I’ve not looked back since! Both then, and now, I recognise the effect the scent can have on your mood, mind set and day and this is something I see all the time with our Customers and Clients. I never tire of watching faces light up, eyes close and smiles widen when scents are tried for the first time – it’s like falling in love all over again.

1. What You Are Looking For From Your Fragrance

Firstly, it’s worth thinking about what you are looking for from your fragrance. Perhaps you are looking for your new signature scent, one which is to be worn all day, every day. Alternatively you could be looking for a spritz to provide a moment of uplift and awakening in the morning, or on the contrary, something deeper to pull you into the evening and be that finishing touch to your outfit.

Fragrance memories can stay with you for life and instantly transport you to a period of time or even an exact moment, so it's worth thinking about when you are looking to wear your eau de parfum alongside your character, lifestyle, season or even an event itself and mirroring your choices to match this.

"I can still remember my first fragrance at 12 years old purchased at Duty Free outbound on a summer family holiday, the sweet combination of pineapple, passionfruit and lilies matching the Portuguese sun perfectly! Fast forward 16 years and whilst it’s not a fragrance I feel suits my character or lifestyle now, one spritz can fill me with nostalgia and take me back to days in jelly shoes on the beach and that’s something I’ll always hold dear."

- Feeling romantic and enjoying the slower pace of life? Opt for oriental notes such as Rose, Vanilla or Musk like in our favourite floral perfume 86 Champs Fig & Rose Eau de Parfum.
- Feeling adventurous and looking for a fresh perfume? Notes such as Verbena, Citrus Zest or Ginger, as found in our Cap Cedrat Eau de Toilette.
- Dreaming of more sunshine and warmth? Look for fragrances with notes such as Amber, Honey or Jasmine such as our Classic Terre de Lumiere Eau de Parfum.

2. How You Normally Like To Wear Your Fragrance.

Next, consider how you normally like to wear your fragrance. You may prefer a subtle spritz that occasionally passes by your nose throughout the day, in which case we would recommend opting for an Eau de Toilette, the lighter of our two fragrance formulas.

Eau De Toilette

The Eau de Toilette formula typically contains around 10% concentration of the aromatic compounds leading to a fresh, delicate and gentle finish with a 4-6 hour wear time.


Eau de Cologne

Starting with the freshest and lightest fragrance formula, an Eau de Cologne typically contains around a 3% concentration of the aromatic compounds and will gently scent the skin for a couple of hours – perfect for a very natural and slight finish.


Eau de Parfum

Compare this with an Eau de Parfum which is the stronger of our two fragrance formulas with around a 15% concentration of the aromatic compound and the result will be a bolder, more intense finish to really make an impact, plus a longer wear time of 8-12 hours.


Types of Fragrances

Shopping for fragrance can be complex. Alongside the unique mixture of scented notes, you might have noticed a difference in labelling and alongside that, a significant difference in price. The French terms used to describe different types of perfume are universal. Both Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum have precise and specific meanings that are incredibly useful to understand. Uncovering the defining features of both can have a significant bearing on both the intensity of your favourite fragrance and the impact on your budget.

3. How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

However, it is possible to maximise the longevity of your fragrance even further whether you choose an Eau de Toilette or an Eau de Parfum, by using the below top tips:
- As tempted as you may be to spritz on your wrists and rub together, do try and resist as the action of pressing your skin together can crush the notes of your fragrance, causing your top notes to evaporate more quickly. Simply spritz, then allow the fragrance to settle for the true complexity of the scent to meld together.

- Apply your fragrance on your pulse points, the areas of the body where veins flow closer to the skin therefore emit more heat, allowing the fragrance to sing and develop faster. Wrists, behind the top of the ear, backs of the knees and inside of your elbow are all ideal hot spots.

- Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Did you know, fragrances evaporate quicker on drier skins? Therefore, keep your skin lovely and hydrated with a rich body lotion in either a neutral scent for longevity, one in a matching scent for increased intensity, or even a complimentary scent for your own custom blend which brings me onto my final point…

4. Add Your Own Individual Spin On Your Fragrance

A similar effect can also be achieved by spritzing two different fragrances on top of each other, but we find that the moisturiser layer brings a beautiful softness and grounding to your unique combination. Our favourite fragrance layering discoveries from our ranges are below:

For crisp, clean, springtime freshness, layer our comforting Shea Butter 15% Lotion with our 86 Champs Orange, Leaves & Flowers Eau de Parfum.

- To add some sweetness to your sensuality, layer our velvety Almond Milk Concentrate with our Musk Rose Eau de Parfum – but be warned, this combination is addictive!

- Have you discovered a favourite combination of your own? Let us know! Share your secret to Instagram and tag us at @loccitane_uk_ire

Now that you’ve personalised your fragrance scent, why not put your own stamp on it by stopping by our Regent Street Flagship Store to have your bottle laser engraved with your name, initials, or even a short phrase or quote to suit either yours or the fragrance recipients’ personality! Engraving is complimentary with the purchase of any fragrance and is the perfect be finishing touch to solidify that you have indeed found ‘the one’.

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