Each of our fragrances tells a story, revives a legend, sings the song of Provence. Our wide range of scents include lavender, verbena, neroli and floral notes perfect to suit different styles and personalities, always with a unique touch that embodies the captivating atmosphere of Provence. Explore our range of luxurious eau de parfum and eau de toilette for him and for her, in addition to captivating home fragrances.

Understanding Fragrance

Fragrances are designed to have 3 sets of notes which unfold over time to create each fragrance’s individual scent...
There are three notes, normally depicted in the form of a fragrance Pyramid:
First, you smell the Top Notes which are key to informing your initial impression of the fragrance.
Heart Notes then form – these form the main body of the fragrance and come to life as the top notes dissipate.
Finally, Base Notes bring richness and depth to create the fragrances lasting impression.

Most Loved Fragrances
Explore our range of most loved fragrances and pick a scent that will conquer your senses. Chose from our range of eau de parfum and eau de toilette

Fragrance Types

Provide a level of perfume concentration, the majority of our fragrances come as an Eau De Parfum (EDP) or an Eau De Toilette (EDT)
An Eau De Parfum has a higher concertation in fragrance, with deeper heart notes, and it's designed to last longer. An Eau De Toilette is the most popular concentration with a greater focus on the top notes and designed to be reapplied regularly throughout the day.
By using complimentary bath & body products from the same fragrance range you can also layer your fragrances to last longer throughout the day. Moisturised skin also helps retain the scent.

Our new Green Tea Eau de Toilette

This delicate, unisex Eau de Toilette combines the subtlety of green tea with the freshness of sweet orange in a bouquet of floral and citrus notes, for a unique moment of harmony.

The fresh and delicate scent of green tea with a hint of citrusy notes in a complete body care collection to let your mind wander for a unlimited journey.


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