Good Night’s Sleep Ritual

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The Relaxing Shower Gel combines with warm water sends a relaxing message.

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Good Night’s Sleep Ritual


Breathe in, breathe out, relax… With a 100% natural scent, the Relaxing Shower Gel combines with warm water sends a relaxing olfactory message: it’s time to unwind, release and let go… To complete your ritual and create a calming atmosphere, spray the Relaxing Pillow Mist before going to bed and the fragrant molecules will fall softly onto linens creating a soothing sensation, conducive to a peaceful, relaxing night's sleep.

This aromatic duo includes:
• 250ml Relaxing Shower Gel
• 100ml Relaxing Pillow Mist.


Since 1976 when rosemary was first distilled by our founder, Olivier Baussan, essential oils lie at the heart of L’OCCITANE research which creates formulas that combine their active ingredients with the benefits of their scents.   Our body care rituals contain Mediterranean essential oils and feature 100% natural scents which help to soothe or to revitalise body and mind using the ancient aromatherapy approach.   Each of our hair care ranges contain a blend of five essentials oils brought together to act in perfect synergy to meet the needs of different hair types. Aromachologie


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  • Awesome!

    gave this to my girlfriend as a birthday gift, and she absolutely loves it! especially the brute! it smells divine!!! <3

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    Good Night’s Sleep Ritual

    Good Night’s Sleep Ritual

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