relaxing bath

Dip into a moment of authentic calm with our favourite evening ritual: the lavender oil bath.

This winter, imagine wading through the endless indigo of the lavender fields of Provence. With each new drop of PDO lavender essential oil, your fingers brush past delicate petals, each more fragrant and colourful than the last. As you journey through the charming French countryside, the exquisite sights and aromas fill you with a deep sense of well-being and freedom. 

A true voyage for the soul (and a simple addition to any beauty ritual!), adding a few drops of Provençal lavender oil to your bubble bath will provide a refreshing burst of tranquility straight from the French countryside, helping you feel calm, rosy, and replenished. Infuse your bubble bath with the restorative powers of essential oils and cleanse both mind and body, for a magical feeling of serenity that will have you transported. 
lavender bubble bath


If you’ve been spending your weeks feeling stressed out and weary, it’s time for a change!
A lavender oil bubble bath provides an instant boost and will fill you with a deep sense of tranquility and peace.

Lavender oil has been proven to invigorate your overall mood, combatting stress, fatigue, and relieving muscle tension. So when you’re feeling the pressure, take a deep breath and wash away your worries in lavender-scented waters, imagining that you’re far, far away!

You’ll soon feel a soothing sense of calm seeping into your skin, as every worry gently subsides, replaced with the feeling of deep relaxation.
benefits of essential oil


Ever since its discovery over 2,500 years ago, lavender oil has stood testament to the exceptional healing power of plants. Its ingredients have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, which can help relieve chapped lips and dry skin.

L’OCCITANE’s PDO lavender essential oil ensures the highest quality and traceability. With the swift arrival of the winter weather, there’s no better way to take care of your skin from the inside-out!
lavender oil before bedtime


The benefits of lavender oil go far beyond your nervous system and complexion - using lavender oil in your bath can stimulate blood circulation, so don’t forget to gently massage a few drops of French lavender essential oil into the roots of your hair before your bath.

This will encourage hair resilience and shine whilst you enjoy a moment of absolute peace. Your hair will feel healthy, strong, and beautiful, and so will you!
lavender fragrance for a good night


Adding a lavender oil bubble bath to your self-care ritual can provide a much-needed break to an otherwise busy week. As the oil works its magic and you start to feel your anxieties dissolve and slip away, let the soothing aroma of lavender open you up to more positive thoughts and ideas.

Take a moment to restore and repair, and embrace the opportunity to connect with yourself, in a moment of blissful calm.


Running a soothing lavender oil bath before bedtime will help relax the mind and body so you’re
ready to dream your biggest, wildest dreams. Perhaps you’ll spend a nice afternoon wandering through the French countryside or breathing in the delicious scent of cherry blossoms as you explore the hidden depths of your subconscious.

You can even add a few drops to your pillow to amp up the relaxation after your lavender bath!
Above all, don’t be afraid to experiment and discuss your experiences. If you tried something new and are excited to share, tag us on Instagram at @LOCCITANE_UK_IRE, using the hashtag #lavendermagicwithloccitane

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