Grooming Essentials

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Treat him with these indulgent grooming treats.
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Treat him with this must-have collection of indulgent grooming treats, which includes:
• 75ml Cap Cedrat Shower Gel Gel
• 50g Cap Cedrat Soap
• 30ml Cade Face Cleanser
• 10ml Shea Butter Hand Cream
• in a L’OCCITANE travel bag.
Many of our producers have been working with us for over a decade. We support them so that they grow in a sustainable and lasting manner.

OUR AIM : To have a Fair-Trade Certification with all our direct-producers by 2025.
For hundreds of years, the oil of the cade – or prickly juniper – tree has been highly prized for its natural antimicrobial and moisturising properties. Shepherds of Haute Provence have used it for generations to protect their faces and hands against the elements of the Alpine foothills. In our collection, this lush oil is used to protect men from the more modern challenges of shaving and pollution. Cade is still grown in Haute-Provence today, crawling across the stony soil of the Mediterranean coast in scrubby woodland known as garrigue – a word borrowed by the French from the Provençal Occitan word garriga. During the summer the smoky, herbal smell of the plant hangs over the region's foothills, inviting hikers to stop, close their eyes and inhale. Our collection uses the finest oils from a small picking area near the charming village of La Chaffaut. Set amidst fields of vibrant lavender and sunflower, where the cypress trees sway in the breeze, our harvesters cut the cade wood into chips before pressing it, using traditional techniques to extract its precious oils. The cade wood used to distil our oils are certified organic, with the ECOCERT stamp of approval ensuring that no pesticides or chemicals interfere with the natural growth of this cone-shaped tree. Cade

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  • Lovely treat

    My hubby loves Cedrat shower gel and this came up on offer with a recent purchase. Perfect for travel, especially flying. Nice travel bag too.

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    Grooming Essentials
    Grooming Essentials
    Rating 10 /10 ( 1 reviews)
    £19.00 Worth £21.00
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