Herbae par L'OCCITANE Collection

In the midst of the wild grasses of Provence, you will find the white clover, rare and growing in unexpected places - with a delicate yet powerful beauty.

Discover Herbae par L'OCCITANE Clary Sage, our latest addition to the collection, Herbae par L’OCCITANE L'Eau, and the original Herbae par L’OCCITANE.

Herbae par L'OCCITANE

Inspired by the wild grasses that grow in the heart of Provence, Herbae par L'OCCITANE is a light and floral fragrance that indulges the senses. With wild rose and white nettle notes, Herbae par L'OCCITANE embodies nature's pure beauty.

An Eau de Parfum Fragrance That’s Green, Fresh, and Floral.

It's the embodiment of nature in all its citrusy and spicy head notes of bergamot and pink pepper, its heart in wild rose encounters the sharpness of bramble, evoking the scents of a stroll through the forest. Finally, the grass, its warm and coumarin base notes are tinged with honey cashmeran.

  • Green & Fruity


Herbae par L’OCCITANE L'Eau

Bursting with the sweet freshness of white clover, Herbae par L’OCCITANE L'Eau is a delicate citrus-floral fragrance. Until now, the white clover floral scent did not exist in perfumery, but L’OCCITANE has created a unique accord that brings the white clover freshness to life.

A Sparkling Bouquet Of Flowers

The crystal-clear facets of white clover mingle with the green, petal-soft freshness of natural extracts, marshmallow and angelica. A fresh citrus-floral fragrance, it is complementary to the original Herbae par L’OCCITANE EDP fragrance; more delicate and luminous but also unpredictable.

  • Fresh & Citrus-Floral


Herbae par L'OCCITANE Clary Sage

Cast your mind to the scent of Provence on a clear spring day; aromatic, invigorating and lightly floral thanks to wild flowers that blossom in abundance across the rolling hills of the South of France. Audacious, sensual and mysterious, Herbae par L’OCCITANE Clary Sage is the embodiment of this floral scent.

Herbae Ingredients

Herbae’s fresh head notes include the citrusy and spicy bergamot and pink peppercorn. These give way to its wild heart notes, in which wild rose encounters the sharpness of bramble, evoking the scents of a stroll through the forest. Finally, the floral scent settles into its base notes of sweet vernal grass, its warm and vanilla notes tinged with honey and accentuated by woody and spicy undertones of cashmeran, and enhanced by a touch of musk.