Whether you’re a fragrance fanatic or you’re new to scents, finding a fragrance you love can be a daunting experience. We caught up with fragrance and beauty writer and presenter, Alice du Parcq, to talk us through how to find the right scent for you!

How do you decide the perfect scent for you?

"I think about how I want my skin and hair to smell! When I’m smelling something and it clicks into place, I can imagine my two small daughters nuzzling into my hair and clothes and feeling safe and familiar. Then I know I’ve found something really special that I want to wear again and again."

How do you layer your fragrances?

"If there’s a matching bath or body product I absolutely love the ritual of showering and moisturising with scented products then finishing with a few sprays of the perfume. But if there isn’t, I tend to do one initial spritz around my neck and over my hair once I’ve completed my skincare routine; it has time to settle, then I do another spritz once I’ve finished my makeup – I love the idea of double-layering my perfume to give it even more staying power!"

Do you wear a different scent for each occasion or mood?

"Very often by mood, because I really do believe that some fragrances can be antidotes or feeders to specific emotions. But I also love to connect my perfume to the event or location, or even to the outfit I’m wearing. For instance if I’m wearing bright fun colours I will juxtapose the vibe with a calm and grounding men’s cologne, or if I’m heading out on a long woodland walk I’ll spray something outdoorsy, green and botanical."

Do you buy fragrances as gifts? If so, what do you consider when buying a fragrance gift?

"Yes absolutely. I keep a little mental note of any time that person has complimented a scent I’m wearing or talks about their favourite smells. I ask a lot of questions about what they like and don’t like, favourite smells and ingredients from their childhood and what’s currently on their dressing table, and what they feel is missing from their scent collection. Then I build up a little profile and think of brands I know they’ll love, then I’ll search for a perfect match!"


What are your favourite L’OCCITANE fragrances and why?

Terre De Lumière EDP

"I absolutely LOVE Terre de Lumière EDP – the warm, solar, balmy notes of almond, tonka bean and honey are addictive and it makes my skin smell like it’s been sunbathing all day!"


Karité Corsé EDP

"Since I’ve discovered the new men’s fragrances I have to admit I’ve fallen deeply in love with Karité Corsé. I can instantly detect the familiar nutty, fresh and creamy aroma that’s within this perfume, but there’s also a gorgeous roasted and smoky texture that I am completely obsessed with that draws me in over and over again."


What are your tips for finding a fragrance online?

"Look at what you have at home already and try to see a pattern. Are they all splashy green citrus colognes? All rose-based? Are they all big bold oriental-style spice-bombs? That will really help steer your search, because you already know your comfort zone. Try to identify ingredients you really don’t like to wear in a fragrance, and cancel those options out.

Take a leap of faith and trust your instincts; whether you just like the shape of the bottle or you relate to the words in the online description or have absolutely no clue what you like but see a pretty label, GO FOR IT! Because what’s the worst that can happen? You don’t like it? Gift it to a loved one, or hang onto it for a future date – our tastes change all the time and you might suddenly fall in love with it at a different stage in your life!"

What physical aspects attract you to fragrance?

"Colour can be a big decider for me. I translate scents into textures and colours in my mind, so if I see a bottle that is, for instance, light blue and transparent, I’ll presume it’s quite atmospheric, splashy and celestial in its smell.

Personally, I’m into amber, yellow, golden and tan shades as I love perfumes that are enveloping, warm, cosy and soft, which I associate with those colours. Very often when searching online for fragrance the colour of the bottle tends to be a good indicator of what the scent is like, so bear that in mind when shopping!"


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