An image showing a hand-drawn heart inside a persons hand An image showing a hand-drawn heart inside a persons hand

Washing your hands throughout the day can lead to dry and cracked hands, as water tends to dehydrate the skin, leaving it dry and exposed to the environment. Using anti-bacterial gels frequently, can also dehydrate the skin as they contain alcohol.

Shea Butter’s biggest benefit is that it deeply nourishes and protects the skin. Our hands say so much about us, and it's important to take care of them. Instantly achieve softer, smoother and hydrated hands with our simple 4-step hand care routine.

Woman applying L'OCCITANE Shea one minute hand scrub

Step 2. Scrub Your Hands

Your body and face love a good scrub – but your hands need exfoliation too. Once or twice a week, use an exfoliator that's designed for the hands and gentle on the skin, to eliminate dead skin cells and leave your hands ready to soak up all the benefits of a moisturising hand cream.

The Shea One Minute Hand Scrub contains 10% Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel and Sunflower Seed Oils – rich in Vitamin E – as well as Essential Fatty Acids, to help nourish and soften the hands in just one minute.

Step 3. Nourish Your Hands

The secret to beautiful hands is hydration! Hand cream should be your faithful companion, ready to be applied whenever needed, to help maintain the hydrolipidic film that naturally protects your skin. It has to nourish, moisturise, and protect.

An effective hand cream contains fatty substances and moisturising agents, such as Shea Butter, as well as antioxidants, such as Vitamin E. This moisturising blend lies behind the success of the Shea Butter Hand Cream, which has been one of L’OCCITANE's best selling products for over 20 years. Squeeze out a generous amount of our natural hand cream and gently massage into your hands, nails, and cuticles.

Step 3. Nourish Your Hands Step 3. Nourish Your Hands
Image showing L'OCCITANE Shea Nail and cuticle Nourishing Oil and L'OCCIATNE Shea butter hand cream

Step 4. Treat Your Hands

Another secret to beautiful hands is strong, well-looked-after nails and protected cuticles. Your cuticles are at the base of your nails and they play a protective role – so it's important to look after them. The Shea Nail & Cuticle Nourishing Oil nourishes and softens cuticles for stronger, shinier nails. It's important to feed your nails too. To keep them really healthy, make sure you eat foods rich in biotin, such as pulses, soybeans, and almonds. 

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Hand Care Tips

Leave a hand cream alongside your bathroom’s hand wash and get yourself into a routine. Apply it right after washing your hands!

For people with really dry and cracked hands, the Shea Intense Hand Balm is the best hand lotion. Applying any of our hand creams right before bed will help prevent your hands from drying out while you sleep.

Also, to soothe sore hands you can use The Petit Remedy, which includes ingredients like Shea Butter, Lavender, Arnica, and Immortelle, which help in protecting and repairing. Apply some throughout the day on dry and cracked hands if you need quick relief.

Hand Care Tips Hand Care Tips