How To Use A Facial Oil

If glowing skin is one of your goals, then a facial oil may just be the beauty essential missing from your routine. Facial oils are a powerful tool traditionally used in spa treatments, but are now widely used in everyday skincare to achieve radiant skin.

Finding The Right Oil For Me

Some facial oils may feel greasy or cause break-outs, so in this case lighter formulas are better. Or, if you have used a facial oil previously and didn’t see much of a difference, a more bespoke, richer blend might have more of an impact on your skin. The beauty of facial oils is their versatility: they can be used alone as a quick nourishing fix or mixed with other products as to boost your skincare ritual and unwind for the day.

Our expertly blended formulas cover both concerns:

Immortelle Divine Youth Oil

Immortelle Divine Youth Oil

This multi-use face oil is suited to normal - dryer skin types or those seeking richer textures. Formulated with our curated blend of Immortelle essential oil to fight against visible signs of ageing, this supports the skin's natural barrier to improve firmness and radiance, whilst protecting against moisture loss for the ultimate glow. With the added benefit of apricot kernel oil to cleanse pores, and Borage oil to reduce inflammation and calms skin. 

Shea Bi-Phase Serum

Shea Bi-Phase Serum

Looking for something lighter? Or perhaps you have a balanced to combination skin type? Opt for our Shea Bi-Phase Serum, with a base of 4% Fairtrade Shea Oil that leaves your skin nourished, balanced with soothing Aloe Vera and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid. The dry finish of this formula makes a perfect base for the rest of your routine or for use alone. 

How to Use Your Facial Oil

Step 1: Prepare The Skin Step 1: Prepare The Skin

Step 1: Prepare The Skin

Preparation is key for oils to absorb deep into the skin, allowing the ingredients to work their magic. Start with a double cleanse to ensure skin is free from makeup, SPF, and any other general buildup from the day.

Step 2: Apply Your Oil

Once you have chosen the best oil for your skin, nothing beats taking some “me time” to massage the formula in, whether this be the pep you need to start your day or taking some time to unwind in the evening.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to properly massage into the skin for the ultimate pampering experience:

Step 2:  Apply Your Oil Step 2:  Apply Your Oil
  • Add a couple of drops of oil between your fingertips and spread onto your palms.
  • Start by pressing one hand on your forehead and one hand on your chin, then press two hands on each side of the face/cheek
  • Sweep from the nose towards your ears three times
  • Sweep from the center of the chin to the ears with the knuckles of your first and second finger to draw the jaw
  • Sweep from the center forehead down to ears
  • Finish by sweeping the remainder of the product on the neck in upward sweeps.

These movements support lymph/skin drainage, which reduces puffiness and supports the skins natural functions for a healthy-looking glow.

Bonus step: Add to your moisturiser for even more nourishment, or to your foundation for a healthy glow. 

Step 3: Layer and Protect Step 3: Layer and Protect

Step 3: Layer and Protect

Oils are great to use alone and can be left on the skin to absorb further throughout the day or night. Applying at night has added benefits as your skin is in a recovery phase and can make use of all the ingredients.

It is important for your skin health to protect from further daily aggressors. Follow with a moisturiser to seal in hydration and an SPF in daylight hours for further protection and to enhance your glow.