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L'OCCITANE Summer Truck Tour

The L’OCCITANE Truck is embarking on a journey to clean our local beaches and green spaces. The Truck will be visiting several locations across the UK, including two festivals, where you too can join L’OCCITANE’s mission to fight plastic pollution, as well as purchase your Provençal favourites directly from the truck.


An Ode To The Women Of L'OCCITANE

In celebration of International Women's Day 2022, L’OCCITANE commissioned poet Rakaya Fetuga to celebrate the women of L’OCCITANE, and all they have done and continue to do, with An Ode to the Women of L’OCCITANE.

Each line having been inspired by the true stories of L’OCCITANE, it highlights our unwavering commitment to support and empower women in the workplace.

We Are Cultivators Of Change

Since 1976, L'OCCITANE en Provence has been imagining, producing and selling beauty, skincare and well-being products with an intention to share nature's wonders with the world. Our ambition is to not only sustain lands, but to regenerate ecosystems. We believe beauty goes beyond what the eye can see.

From seed to skin, we are holistic in our approach. We've always been Cultivators of Change. We do our best to create positive change for the world, and we always try to inspire everyone around us to do the same.


We are very happy to announce that L’OCCITANE is now available to purchase on UberEats. Shop your last-minute gifting needs and all our bestsellers and have them delivered to your house within an hour!
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Meet & Join Our Howtank Community!

Howtank is a community of L’Occitane brand ambassadors that have all volunteered to chat to our L’Occitane customers whilst they are browsing on our website. The community is a wonderful way to include our dedicated customers within our brand.
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L'OCCITANE & The British Beauty Council

L'OCCITANE is pleased to share that it has joined the British Beauty Council, a group supporting the creative, innovative beauty industry and those who work within it.

L'OCCITANE admires the British Beauty Council's tireless work to support and promote the industry by representing the voices, opinions and needs of the hair, beauty and wellness sectors, and L'OCCITANE is delighted to be joining that crucial conversation.

Past News

We See You

In 2021, L'OCCITANE created WE SEE YOU, a film to celebrate those little changes and a recognition of the effort you are making. The film focuses on three of our six key commitments; Respecting Biodiversity, Reducing Waste and Empowering Women. 

L'OCCITANE's history and devotion to becoming cultivators of change reads like a poem; one where infinite passion, ground breaking ideas and desire to make lasting change come together. Since 1976, L'OCCITANE has been committed to preserving the environments we touch, cultivating with care and engaging in philanthropy.

L'OCCITANE Launches Refill Fountains!

From the 21st July, here at L’OCCITANE we are happy to announce that we will start to launch Refill Fountains in 6 boutiques across the UK and Ireland.

Our refill fountains will allow you to restock on your favourites without the extra plastic, and paired with our new Forever Bottles, you will be making the ultimate eco-conscious choice! #FILLFORTHEFUTURE
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L'OCCITANE Feel Good Fellowship Films

L’OCCITANE launches two short films with a focus on their commitments at the heart of their conscientious brand.

The Feel Good Fellowship adopts a documentary approach to share the true stories at the heart of the brands we buy from. Who they really are and what their core values are. Taking you behind the scenes, they deliver a series of 'truth' films that lift that marketing fourth wall to showcase the full company credentials, principles and cultures.



L’OCCITANE (pronounced LOX-EE-TAN) is a real romance novel. A simple story of being in love with nature and Provence, where the brand was born and some of the very best ingredients in the world can be found. It was always crucial for the brand to protect and give back to the natural world, so that generations to come could enjoy it as we have.

Following the success of our How to say L’OCCITANE? film in 2019, we have produced a new film showcasing our commitments that we as a brand live by. We chose to focus on four; Respecting Biodiversity, Supporting Producers, Reducing Waste and Empowering Women.