Fill Better With Our Refill Fountain

From the 21st July, here at L’OCCITANE we are happy to announce that will start to launch Refill Fountains in 6 boutiques across the UK and Ireland.

Our refill fountains will allow you to restock on your favourites without the extra plastic, and paired with our new Forever Bottles, you will be making the ultimate eco-conscious choice! #FILLFORTHEFUTURE

Where You Can Find Our Refill Fountains

Our refill fountains are currently located in 6 boutiques across the United Kingdom:
  • Regent Street Flagship 
  • Richmond
  • Cardiff
  • Glasgow
  • Bluewater 
  • Oxford
We intend on installing Refill Fountains in additional locations next year, so stay tuned for updates!

Our Forever Bottle

100% Recycled & Recyclable

The Forever Bottle is a chic addition to any home. Made of long-lasting, lightweight and recyclable aluminium, each bottle is embellished with the imagery of L’OCCITANE’s signature ingredients! Available in all L’OCCITANE Boutiques, these bottles can be refilled at Refill Fountains in local participating boutiques or refilled using the L’OCCITANE Eco-Refills. Our refill bottles come in a 250ml and 500ml size.

How To Use our Refill Fountains

The Refill Fountain will offer refills for five of L’OCCITANE’s most popular products; Almond Shower Oil, Classic Verbena Shower Gel, Shea Verbena Liquid Soap, Intensive Repair Shampoo and Intensive Repair Conditioner.

By using our refill fountain, you are able to save up to 94% of plastic compared to purchasing the original product!


Bring an empty bottle or purchase one of our Forever Bottles (250ml or 500ml) and place under the tap.


Select which one of the 5 products available that you would like a refill of.


And lastly, pour! Our refill machines are calibrated to hygienically dispense the exact amount of product refill depending on which size you selected!

Our Commitment to Reducing Waste

The future of our planet depends on our actions today! At L'OCCITANE, we've been focusing on ways to reduce, recycle and react for many years, but there's still more we can do. And we're working on it!
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The Next Best Thing: Our Eco Refills


Eco Refills are a great way to cut down on plastic. L’OCCITANE currently stocks 25 Eco-Refills across skincare, body care and haircare which save an average of 85% less plastic.

Thanks to your eco refill purchases, we save roughly 200 tons of plastic per year!

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Sustainable Beauty Swaps

It’s the little things that can make a big difference. Discover easy sustainable beauty swaps that you can switch easily into your beauty routine whilst making a difference to the planet. At L'OCCITANE, we've been focusing on ways to create recyclable beauty products for many years. Discover more of our eco-friendly products that you can use from Head to Toe!

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Vegan Beauty Products

Discover some of our favourite vegan beauty products, 100% free from animal products or by-products.


Clean Charter Products

Our clean charter products each contain over 95% natural origin and/or readily biodegradable ingredients.


Reduced Plastic Products

As part of our effort to reduce plastic waste and protect our planet, discover our selection of sustainable beauty products.