La Collection de Grasse

Influenced by the world perfume capital in the south of France, La Collection de Grasse is a range of inspirational fragrances based on precious ingredients. A city as steeped in history as it is in spell-binding scents, Grasse has been producing perfume since the 16th century and is surrounded by fields of fragrant flowers. Set deep in the hills behind Cannes, it perches above the glamorous harbours of the Cote d'Azur.  The white blossom flowers for our perfumes are hand-gathered by passionate local cultivators in the Grasse area gardens, through a modernized process inspired by ancient traditions of enfleurage, we extract fragranced molecules of the flower to create a luscious balm. Each fragrance in this range contains precious essential oils sourced from small batch suppliers across the world, lending depth and clarity to each note. The heady scent of Madagascan orchids creates mysterious, seductive undertones. Just as the superyachts bobbing in the Riviera's harbours bring exotic influences to the coastal towns nearby, these far-flung essential oils harmonise to create something better than the sum of their parts.   

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