Louise Lockhart Forever Bottle

100% recycled and recyclable aluminium bottle. Built to last, Built to refill.





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This Forever Bottle is a chic addition to any home.

Made of long-lasting, lightweight and recyclable aluminium, it is embellished with a colourful design from the illustrator Louise Lockhart

This bottle can be refilled at our Refill Fountains in local participating boutiques (Regent Street Flagship, Battersea, Richmond, Bluewater, Cardiff, Glasgow, Oxford, Guildford, Meadowhall, Harrogate, York) or using the L’OCCITANE Eco-Refills. There are 25 Eco-Refills across skincare, body care and hair care which save an average of 85% less plastic.

250ml Forever Bottle Pump

Louise Lockhart Forever Bottle

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