Everyone deserves a little pampering in their life. L’OCCITANE has a special line just for men including shaving creams, gels and balms to soothe and invigorate, for those daily irritations that can wreak havoc on male skin. With energising scents like cade and citron, we take personal grooming to a new level so you can look and smell great with the power of nature.


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Discover our perfumes dedicated to men, to wear on any occasion, to offer or be offered: all the essentials for a fragrant and elegant routine.



L'OCCITANE uses natural ingredients straight from Provence in our shaving creams, so that your skin is soothed, and protected from any irritation.

Body care

Face Care

L'OCCITANE's creams or after-shave balms offer the complete solution for face care for men. From energizing Verdon to soothing Cade, a variety of products are available to choose from for every possible need. Don't forget our specialist shaving products range as well, for the perfect shave in the morning.

Face care

Body Care

L’OCCITANE’s body care for men range include a variety of moisturisers, hand creams, foot creams, body treatments, and many more deliciously indulgent products, made using fine ingredients of natural origin and inspired by tradition.


Shop Prestige Colognes

Discover our Prestige Cologne collection with its 3 distinctive and long-lasting Eau De Parfum for Men, inspired by Man and facets of our heritage.
Bois Flotté Eau de Parfum
  • Aquatic & Aromatic
Olivier Ondé Eau de Parfum
  • Fresh & Earthy
Karité Corsé Eau de Parfum
  • Warm & Sensual

Men's Tips

A Simple Grooming Routine

"Hi everyone, I’m Victor. I joined the global L’OCCITANE team 4 years ago and am responsible for relaunching the Men’s range in 2020 and creating the L’OCCITANE Homme brand.

I wasn’t always into skincare though! I used to grab whatever was available in the bathroom, making no distinction between shampoo, shower gel, moisturiser or body lotion. I was uneducated on how the products could positively affect my skin and felt the ‘Marketing-Spiel’ was talking to anyone but me, in a language I didn’t understand. I have written my simple grooming routine down to make it easier for men to understand what products to use..."

Struggling With Dark Circles?

Apply 1 pump of Reset Eye Serum on to your ring finger and apply gently onto clean, dry skin moving along the orbital bone from the inside corner of the eye to the outside. The smooth texture and sensorial golden bubbles of the eye serum will melt into your skin. Its aromatic, botanical scent will provide a moment of delight during application!

An Easy Guide To Achieve Clear Skin

Finding the right skincare routine for Men can be quite difficult when all of the advice out there is geared toward women. We spoke with Sasha, one of our store managers to get her top tips on a skincare routine for men.



Take our 2 minute quiz to discover your personalised skincare routine, customised for your skin type needs and concerned.


How To Perfect Your Shaving Routine

Shaving is an important part of your daily routine, follow our recommended routine every time you shave to give your facial hair the respect it deserves.


Our Cade Hand Cream

With its distinct masculine aroma, our Cade Hand Cream protects mens' skin from daily aggressions and modern day challenges.

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