L'OCCITANE x Niomi Smart

Together with Niomi Smart, content creator and long-standing L'OCCITANE fan, we ventured to Provence to experience and inspire her very own shade of Intense Fruity Lipstick to share with you all!

Radiating positivity, well-being and joie de vivre, Niomi holds her commitments close to her heart connecting with L'Occitane's own values. We caught up with her about her shade, Sweet Rosé, and her go-to L’OCCITANE products that she can’t live without.

"I have worked with L'Occitane to create the perfect everyday nude pink lipstick. I wear Sweet Rosé for all occasions, whether it's at a Summer wedding, a quick application after yoga, or of course while watching the sunset in Provence sipping on ice cold Rosé. I am yet to see this incredibly flattering shade on someone where it doesn't look beautifully chic."

Join us on Wednesday 20th May at 6pm, on the L'OCCITANE UK&IE Instagram for a live Q&A session with Niomi!

Sweet Rosé Intense Fruity Lipstick

This lipstick with its beautiful soft pink shade gives the sweetest touch of subtle colour. It's creamy texture delivers an intense colour with an opaque, satiny finish.

Using a Vegetarian Friendly Formula, as well as being Silicone-free, it offers long-lasting wear (up to 8 hours). Enriched with Vitamin E and pomelo, carrot and pomegranate oils, it keeps your lips comfortable all day long!

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What is your favourite L’OCCITANE product?
“I can't get enough of the Almond Shower Oil! I use it every morning and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and moisturised. I love that there is a refill option for this product too, so you don't have to buy the whole bottle again to reduce plastic waste.”

What’s your L’OCCITANE routine?
“After using the Almond Shower Oil in the morning, I love applying the Almond Milk Concentrate all over my body for an added boost of hydration (can you tell I'm a fan of the Almond range!).

I use the Delicious Multi-Balm to soften and moisturise my lips, and it has actually become part of my regular daily skincare routine. It makes for the perfect base for my new Intense Fruity Lipstick in Sweet Rosé, a pretty nude pink that can be worn for all occasions.

Another one of my skincare favourites is the Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum - the plant and flower extracts work magic on the skin during the night so you wake up with fresh, smooth and radiant skin in the morning. If you haven't tried it yet you must!

My hands tend to get quite dry, especially as the seasons change, so I always carry the Shea Butter Hand Cream with me. A little ritual I have is to keep the hand cream beside the bed and before I go to sleep I give myself a mini hand massage.”

Prep your lips with Multi-Balm

A 3-in-1 lip care to use as a primer, a softening balm or as an overnight mask.

This is the perfect product for prepping your lips before using Niomi's Intense Fruity Lipstick in Sweet Rosé! 

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