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Recycling in recent years has been made so much easier for people, with more recycling banks and stores taking back their empty packaging, for example. At L’OCCITANE we will take back not only our own packaging, but ANY beauty brand, and as a thank you, you will receive 10% off your product in return!

But how about having a go at upcycling? Take your packaging and turning it into something useable! This can be daunting if you haven’t done it before, but we are here to give you some inspiration, to get your creativity flowing and make your own little upcycle project!

Jar Planters Jar Planters

Jar Planters

Glass jars such as our almond milk concentrate make fabulous little pots for plants like succulents, as they are not in need of drainage and survive on just a little water every now and then. Layer up sand and soil (and coloured gravel such as aquarium stones for a bit of colour!), then lovingly nestle your little plant inside! It will live happily with a dash of sunlight, a drop of water and some love!

Candle Re-Vamp Candle Re-Vamp

Candle Re-Vamp

Our ceramic candles are the perfect canvas to unleash your creativity! Once used, why not break out some stencils, or let your hands flow freestyle and decorate the outside of the glass, pop a tea-light inside et voila! Customised tea-light or votive holders that will be personalised to suit your décor! Keep it simple with a single stripe of colour around the outside or decorate it with an abstract pattern, it’s up to you!

Firefly Lanterns Firefly Lanterns

Firefly Lanterns

We have some beautiful bottles in our collections, each coloured or embossed with their own design specific to the range, for example our verbena shower gels and body lotions are embossed with a simple leaf design and our cherry blossom range adorned with blooms. Rinse them out and leave them to dry, then poke in some solar fairy lights, hang them in a tree or in a window and create your own little firefly lanterns!

Memory Boxes & Cookie Tins Memory Boxes & Cookie Tins

Memory Boxes & Cookie Tins

I’m sure many of you know that we often have limited edition tins, packaging and containers, so why not re-gift them with some little treats inside? Our hand cream tins are perfect for holding home-made fudge, our boxes can be covered in papier-mâché and decorated to create a memory box, and our larger tins could become a fancy cookie tin!

Vases Vases


Ok so back to basics, how about a simple vase? Take one of our bottles, tie ribbon or string around the neck, and this can be the simplest way to upcycle! You could also take it up a gear and knot string around the bottle to make a macramé-style hanging container!

Tea Light Holders Tea Light Holders

Tea Light Holders

Our pots of face cream are made of glass and of course can be recycled, but wouldn’t it be a shame to see them go to waste once your cream is finished? Why not make a tea light holder! All you need is a pot, some wire to create the handle and a tea light candle. It will also serve as a good conversation starter if you decorate your dinner table with them next time you have guests over!

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