Evoking the gentle beauty of a spring day in the south of France, our peony collection exudes the playful floral fragrance of this ultra-feminine blossom right as the petals begin to open. It captures that special moment between budding and full boom, when the air positively crackles with anticipation. Throughout the Mediterranean, legends abound about a beautiful wood nymph named Paeonia who caught the attention of the sun god, Apollo. Filled with a jealous rage, the goddess of love Aphrodite transformed her into a flower with a thousand petals – the peony.  Unfortunately, Aphrodite's plan backfired as, every spring, the peony puts on a beautiful show as it unfurls its many petals and unleashes its beguiling scent into the air: enough to charm the very sun out of the sky. Our Pivoine Flora collection draws upon the story, with a fragrance designed to enthrall even the most powerful. It contains peony extract from the fields of Drôme where the beautiful flower grows freely in the meadows. With green notes that evoke youthfulness and a seductive base of warm woods and musk, this enthralling fragrance provides the base for a range of hand creams, toiletries and perfumes.  

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