L’OCCITANE installs an Art Exhibition at Regent Street Flagship

We have created an art installation in collaboration with MTArt Agency and Claire Luxton, a British contemporary multi-disciplinary artist. Proudly displayed in the windows of our Regent Street Flagship, the art installation, which launches on 8th January 2021, explores the delicate equilibrium between humans and nature.

During these challenging times, we wanted to bring art to the public as we know from research that it has benefits on mental health and wellbeing, and we are committed to making art and its benefits accessible to everyone.

We caught up with artist, Claire Luxton and MTArt Agency founder, Marine Tanguy to tell us more…

Claire Luxton - The Artist

Claire Luxton’s nature inspired displays is available to view at the Flagship as customers walk by. The beautiful stained glass butterfly gallery on the first floor incorporates a 3D virtual reality activation; when viewed through the Artivive app on your smart phone the butterflies appear to come to life twirling and fluttering in the window.

This new technology allows artists to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art. On the ground floor, the left hand window will display an exclusive portrait exploring themes of sustainability in nature and life.

1. What drew you to work with L’OCCITANE on this art exhibition?

“Firstly, I have always loved the brand, the company story, ethos and philosophy towards the environment. If you know my work, you will know it is heavily influenced and connected to nature. One of the main question I’m driven to explore is; how does our strength and vulnerability as humans interact with the strength and vulnerability of nature.  As humans, I feel we tiptoe on the edge of creation and destruction in a delicate equilibrium with nature and our ecosystem. So, for me, I was so excited to work on this exhibition with L’OCCITANE as it felt like a meeting of minds and an authentic experience.”

2. What inspired the artwork you have created?

“The artwork is called ‘Of Nectar & Dew’. Instantly, I was of course inspired by the essence of the brand. Essential oils and rolling fields, golden sunsets, after a warm spring day in the south of France, and the morning dew on newly blooming flowers. I wanted to explore the promise of new life, that feeling of growth and hope that spring seems to bring! The possibility that something magical can growth form small sustainable beginnings.”

3. You have fused art with technology, tell us more! (about the app)

“I was introduce to the Artivive app over a year ago now, and since then I have incorporated it into a number of big projects form the United Nations to Acrylicize. The app is all about the ability to #BringArtToLife and a new era of art in the form of digital and augmented reality. Once visitors have the app downloaded they will be able to stand back from the L’OCCITANE windows, hold up their phones and watch the art come to life, as if in a gallery setting.”

4. What are your favourite L’OCCITANE products and why?

"It’s so hard just to pick a few, but my Holy Grail products would have to be the Lavender Hand Cream, (this is something my mum and I always get each other or will buy people as gifts each year without fail). The Almond Supple Skin Oil is also dreamy and makes you feel like a total goddess all year round. Lastly the dreamy Relaxing Pillow Mist! I love lavender (as we have already established) but the combination of bergamot too, and all the wonderful essential oils has now become a night time ritual."

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Marine Tanguy - Founder Of MTArt Agency

Founded in 2015 by Marine Tanguy, MTArt Agency is an award-winning talent agency for the most exciting up and coming visual artists worldwide, and a creative agency that delivers exciting art-driven projects for brands, public bodies and cultural organisations. While the art industry typically concentrates on selling art on walls, MTArt’s visionary approach focuses on investing in and supporting the person behind it.

 1. What was your inspiration behind pairing L’OCCITANE with Claire Luxton for this art exhibition?

“Both L’OCCITANE and Claire Luxton care enormously about sustainability. I felt that it was a match in heaven for the values they shared in common but also for the very fact that both the brand and the artist always reference to the colours you find in the countryside. It’s important for us at MTArt Agency to write lovely stories between brands and artists, both with similar aesthetics and visions.”

2. What are your favourite L’OCCITANE products and why?

“I just love the fact that the hand creams reference paint tubes and that this was one of the inspirations at the start of L’OCCITANE.”

Did you know…

L’OCCITANE Founder Olivier Baussan was inspired by his mother’s paint tubes when he created the design for his hand creams!

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At L’OCCITANE, we have six core commitments; Reducing Waste, Respecting Biodiversity, Supporting Producers, Empowering Women, Caring for Sight and Celebrating Craftsmanship.

We are passionate about craftsmanship in all its forms. We encourage creativity by promoting independent artisans who share our values and philosophy. It was the shared commitment of shining a spotlight onto nature and the intricate relationship we, as humans, have with it that drew us to Claire Luxton.