Rose Collection

The queen of flowers - In ancient times Mediterranean women would steep rose petals in oils to perfume their skin, as a way of radiating beauty and femininity. Now, the scent has become a symbol of beauty and love - an endless source of creativity for perfumers.
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Original Rose

Beautiful roses bloom along the landscape of Provence. The rose is central to Grasse, the perfume capital of southern France. Our Rose Collection includes fragrances, body care products, and soothing hand creams, so you can carry a part of our history with you at all times. 

Rose Eau de Toilette

This luminous fragrance embodies the rose in a new light, from the roots to the pistil, with green and fruity notes interlacing in a naturally elegant, floral fragrance.

  • Feminine & Delicate
9 /10 (11)


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Rose Jasmin

Rose and Jasmin are two historical treasures of Provence, their fragrances expertly intertwined in this new collection. Rose Jasmin is a celebration of the modern woman; feminine and floral with an individual twist.
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Rose Ingredients

Our Roses are harvested in Grasse, France by our producer, Bruno Charpin, who invites a team of pickers that specialise in the art of delicately handpicking roses in the fields. Once picked, they are then thinly spread across a cold room until distillation occurs. Our producers distil at the field to preserve the freshness of the roses.