At L’OCCITANE, we gather inspiration from nature. Our natural face care products give you the perfect complexion you are craving. From fine lines and wrinkles to dry skin and uneven skin tone, their natural ingredients tackle all your skin care needs, leaving your skin radiant and healthy. Explore our range of face creams, cleansers & toners and serums and find the best skincare product for your face.

Skincare Expert, Caroline Hirons (@carolinehirons) shares why she loves our cult skincare products!

Cleansing Milk Facial Make-up Remover
"A great gentle makeup remover, perfect for your first cleanse. Suitable for all skin types and even for removing waterproof eye makeup."
Oil-To-Milk Facial Make-up Remover
"I am a long- time fan of this gorgeous formula. It emulsifies in water from an oil to a gentle milky cleanser that is gentle and nourishing for use morning or night. For all skin types."
Aqua Réotier Fresh Moisturising Mist
"We all know I love a mist. I use this as part of my routine after I cleanse or just periodically throughout the day. Formulated with hyaluronic acid for a boost of hydration."
Immortelle Divine Cream
"L’OCCITANE’s best-selling product in the UK. It contains Immortelle extract (a flower natively found in Corsica), which supports skins density and helps to boost collagen production. It’s a natural antioxidant to protect the skin from outside aggressors."
Immortelle Precious Energising Eye Balm
"This is a beautiful non-greasy, light but nourishing eye cream that will give that instantly moisturised effect. It contains a dynamic hyaluronic acid with silicon and targets fine lines, puffiness and dark circles."
Immortelle Divine Youth Oil
"Powered by 3 Immortelle extracts, this works similarly to the Divine Cream giving your skin a boost and a radiant glow. Apply morning or evening after your serums for a silky more even toned finish."

Overnight Reset Serum

New Powered Up Formula

Since launching the Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum in 2018, this powerful oil-in-serum became an overnight success, selling one bottle every minute and receiving 21 accolades within the beauty industry worldwide. 

Our new formula also contains 10x more immortelle essential oil than the original Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum. The oil, which is encapsulated in tiny, golden bubbles, is known for its powerful anti-oxidant properties, with the power to boost collagen production and double the rate of micro-circulation in the skin, aiding cell renewal and skin firmness.

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Skincare for Him

An Easy Guide To Achieve Clear Skin

Finding the right skincare routine for Men can be quite difficult when all of the advice out there is geared toward women, which can make it confusing as the different skin types of men and women have different needs.

We spoke with Sasha, one of our store managers to get her top tips on a skincare routine for men and why she always goes back to recommending our Cade Range to the many men who ask her for her skincare advice!
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What's Your Skin Type?

Ever wondered which skin type you have? Before investing in a skincare routine, it is important to know your skin type - what will benefit it, as well as which habits should be avoided.

Your Night Time Skin Care Routine

A good night-time skincare routine is one that addresses your skins specific needs to make the most out of your sleep. Discover our skincare tips to wake up feeling fully rested and reset.

The Self-Care Edit

March marks the one year anniversary since many of us started adapting to a new way of life. The change inevitably bought with it uncertainty, which is why at L’OCCITANE we recognise the importance of self-care; our luxurious products allow a sensorial moment of me-time! From Pampering Pick Me Ups to a fascinating podcast episode and ‘How To’s’ on many areas of self-care, this edit will have you covered as you savour the last couple of months before normality resumes.

Your Reset Skincare Routine

"Hello! My name is Millie and I have been a L’Occitane Brand Ambassador since 2013 and currently the Regent Street Flagship General Manager & QVC Guest Presenter for L’Occitane.

‚ÄčYou’ve probably heard of a serum, but for those who are still confused, I am here to share my Reset Skincare Routine with you."
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Get Your Skin Ready For Summer

Get summer is finally here! What's better than feeling the sun on your skin, wearing a summer dress that's been sitting in your wardrobe for months, enjoying long evenings with a glass (or two) of rosé or having a glowing skin? But be careful, sun can cause skin damage. Here are some tips to keep your skin beautiful and sun safe this summer.

Virtual Services

If you have a busy schedule, short on time, or not able to go out to the shops yet, you can now book one-on-one sessions with a L’OCCITANE expert from the convenience of your home and pick a time available that works for you.

What Is a Cleanser?

Cleansing is the first step in your routine, to be used as part of both your morning, and evening skincare routine.

A morning cleanse is going to help to rinse away and gently remove any build-up accumulated on the skin overnight and allow for an instantly refreshed complexion for the day ahead. Your evening cleanse is one which is going to remove impurities and external aggressors from the day and help to prevent these factors from causing congestion and ageing to the skin over time.

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Vegan Beauty Products

Discover some of our favourite vegan beauty products, 100% free from animal products or by-products.


Clean Charter Products

Our clean charter products each contain over 95% natural origin and/or readily biodegradable ingredients.


Reduced Plastic Products

As part of our effort to reduce plastic waste and protect our planet, discover our selection of sustainable beauty products.