Our Star Ingredients from Provence with Love

This April L’OCCITANE brings together four of our star ingredients:Lavender, Verbena, Almond and Immortelle. Four unique treasures with their own history, each inspiring and mood-boosting in their own way. Each of these ingredients have a deep-rooted connection to the south of France and an emotional connection to the world;

Discover the Almond's benefits for beauty with its impossibly rich and soft texture to smooth skin.

Verbena with its invigorating citrus scent to boost energy.

Immortelle with its anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties to replenish.

Lavender with its stress-easing benefits to soothe and heal.


Soothe your body and mind with the radiant power of Provençal almonds

We have bottled this phenomenal nut into our Almond Collection - a range of oils, body washes, moisturisers and skin firming treatments that will refresh, cleanse and calm. The almond nut, which grows protected in a beautifully soft and green velvet shell, is renowned for its ability to soften and smooth the skin.

Delicious Almond

We source almonds from producers of the south of France and the Mediterranean basin in order to help bring back the traditional productions of almonds and boost the sustainable and qualitative cultivation of almond trees in Provence.

Find out how our Verbena Collection honours the long history of the herb, transferring its cooling properties into a line of fragrances, body care and hair care.

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Invigorate your senses with the much-loved L'Occitane Verbena collection

Verbena is an energising, yet soothing citrus, green scent. Close your eyes and transport yourself down the market paths of Provence where the fresh organic Verbena leaves are piled high in baskets. Fill your senses with Verbena's distinctive lemony citrus fragrance and layer with our Verbena invigorating body & hair products for a longer lasting scent.

Organic Verbena

Our partnership with Naturalia Environment consists of diagnosing and uplifting the practices of some producers and pickers to improve our impact on biodiversity

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On the lush island of Corsica, L’OCCITANE has discovered a natural treasure that lives an exceptionally long life; the Immortelle flower. Its organic essential oil is rich in active molecules, with unique anti-ageing properties. For over 18 years, L'OCCITANE has been working on its anti-ageing properties and has already six patents registered in France. Our award winning Immortelle collection is infused with this luscious oil, offering complete solutions that bring instant suppleness and comfort to the skin.

100% Traceable and 100% Made in Corsica

We closely work with 10 Corsican products & distillers on long-term and non-exclusive contracts. We help them start organic cultivation and keep supporting them to find and implement greener process.

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Lavender has been part of the L’Occitane DNA for decades and was one of the first flowers used by our founder, Olivier Baussan. Its unique fragrance has become an aromatic tribute to Provence, earning the nickname “blue gold” from locals. We use lavender for its relaxing properties and exquisite scent in our body care products, which include our much-loved Foaming Bath and Eau de Cologne. Indulge in the calm and relaxing, theraputic properties of French Lavender and it's exquisite scent in our bath & body care products.

The “Blue Gold” From Provence

Since 2012, we have been supporting French research institutes to find ecological solutions to save lavender from environmental threats.

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We strive to use natural ingredients that are traceable, sustainably sourced and maintain high quality – ensuring plants are cultivated and harvested without harming the environment or biodiversity. We work closely to support our producers and have developed supply chains that protect local plant species.

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