Classic Verbena Collection

Enjoy summer for longer with the Classic Verbena Collection! This vibrant and zesty collection will energise you while indulging your senses!. Enjoy it now with verbena classic body care, hand care and bundles.

Limited Edition Classic Verbena

Verbena Icy Body Shower Gel

Start your day with this invigorating and cooling shower gel that instantly wakes up your senses. Enriched with menthol and organic verbena extract from Provence, this shower gel cleanses and immediately refreshes the skin, leaving you feeling

Classic Verbena

Verbena Body Care


Verbena Eau de Toilette

Lemony, sparkling & refreshing

Made with organic Verbena from our Producer’s fields in Provence. The lemony freshness you’ll smell and feel comes from the type and quality of Verbena we harvest.

  • Fresh & Uplifting


Verbena Fragrance


Shop All Verbena Collections

Shop All Verbena Collections

Verbena is an energising, yet soothing citrus, green scent. Invigorate your senses with the much-loved L'Occitane Verbena collection. Fill your senses with Verbena's distinctive lemony citrus fragrance and layer with our Verbena invigorating body & hair products for a longer lasting scent. Made with 100% organic Verbena, known for its cooling properties.
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