It's always worth breathing deeply in through your nose whilst strolling along the forest paths of Provence. Every so often you'll encounter the uplifting fragrance of lemon intermingled with the herbal aromas of cade, lavender and cedrat. But don't look up for vivid yellow fruits – the citrusy smell comes from the small verbena plants, which grow in small clumps and have vibrant purple flowers. Beloved as an all-purpose herb by the people of Provence, this regional favourite is piled high in wicker baskets and sold in bundles at weekly markets. It is sometimes used for medicinal purposes, but most of all, locals believe the lively scent of the crushed leaves will lighten your mood and brighten your day – it’s often used in the morning to provide an exhilarating start to the day. Our focus on quality and provenance means that we only use the finest verbena, selected from sustainable sources in the heart of Provence and fairly traded to ensure a positive future for these small communities.