When it comes to skincare, so often we focus on the magical pot of moisturiser to help us with all of our skincare woes; a wonder cream that is going to fix everything. However often we are left feeling a little, well, underwhelmed with the results and find ourselves asking the same question time and time again – is this doing anything?

My name is Millie and I have been a L’Occitane Brand Ambassador since 2013 and currently the Regent Street Flagship General Manager & QVC Guest Presenter for L’Occitane. I am here to share some beauty tips on how to use the cleanser.

What I’m about to say certainly isn’t glamourous, but there’s only so much the quality high-powered, active ingredients in your moisturiser can do when applied to layers of built up dead skin cells, free radicals, residual make-up and sweat. Like eating a Michelin Star meal off a dirty plate, or wearing a Balmain coat over food stained clothes – the desired overall effect is not achieved without a clean, polished canvas. And this, is where skin cleanser comes in.

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Finding the right Cleanser for me

A cleanser should leave your skin feeling clean, yet comfortable which is why choosing the right cleanser for your skin type is so important. If using a cleanser has left your skin feeling like a woolly jumper that’s been over tumble-dried; tight, shrivelled and shrunken, then it’s likely it’s too drying for your skin and you’d benefit from a more nourishing formula. On the other hand if your skin is having trouble absorbing the rest of your skincare routine following your cleanse, this could suggest you are using too heavy a formula and I would suggest opting for a lighter, more gel-like formula. Let’s take a further look at the different textures of facial cleansers and the skin types they tend to be most suitable for, starting from the richest, heaviest formulas and working our way to the lightest.

Foaming Cleanser

A foaming cleanser can come in a few forms; a pre-foamed formula, a cream-to-foam, and a gel-to-foam. Whilst these textures are traditionally geared towards a more combination skin type, at L’OCCITANE, our foam formulas are designed to still provide a boost of hydration to the skin, making them suitable for all skin types.

Try our Precious Cleansing Foam to experience a silky foam cleanser which is both effective at removing impurities and being gentle and kind to your skin thanks to the addition of our signature Immortelle Esssential Oil.

Gel Cleanser

A gel cleanser is the lightest of the formulas which still provides a deep cleanse, removing excess oil and preventing congestion in combination/oily skin types. Lightweight on the skin, they prepare even the oiliest of complexions for the rest of the skin care routine whilst still respecting the skin barrier.

For a water-like, cooling effect on the skin, try our hydrating Aqua Reotier Gel Cleanser and prepare to feel like you’ve just emerged from a swim in thermal pool:
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Milk Cleanser

A more traditional texture for cleansers, the milk cleanser offers the gentlest clean of all, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. A milk cleanser can be used to both remove makeup, as well as cleanse the skin itself, so is a brilliant all-in-one product to have on your bathroom shelf.
Try our Cleansing Infusions Cleansing Milk to be transported to the English countryside with extracts of fig and honey, whilst leaving your skin hydrated and healthy.

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Micellar Water

Whilst not necessarily providing a deep cleanse, there is absolutely a time and a place for a gentle Micellar Water. Whether it be to remove make-up, whilst travelling or simply in a rush, a micellar water will be able to refresh your skin and cleanse the surface without drying out your skin like a traditional face wipe.
Our 3-in-1 Micellar water is a treat for the whole face, even the eyes, with the soothing cucumber and purifying thyme:

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Oil/ Balm Cleanser

The richest of all of our cleansers, oils and balms are great for a luxurious cleanse whilst being suitable for drier and more mature skin types. As well as being nourishing on the skin, they also make for the most powerful make-up and SPF remover of all the formulas.
Try our Cleansing Infusions Oil-to-Milk Cleanser for a powerful yet soothing cleanse with the comfort of immortelle essential oil and calendula.

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When to use a Cleanser?

Cleansing is the first step in your routine, to be used as part of both your morning, and evening skincare routine.

A morning cleanse is going to help to rinse away and gently remove any build-up accumulated on the skin overnight (hair grease, dead skin cells, pillow bacteria) and allow for an instantly refreshed complexion for the day ahead. Not to mention ensuring a great base for the rest of your skincare routine and make-up if you wear it!

Your evening cleanse is one which is going to remove impurities and external aggressors from the day (pollution, bacteria transferred from hands, make-up and SPF) and help to prevent these factors from causing congestion and ageing to the skin over time. The end result will be a more radiant, clear complexion, allowing for the beautiful active ingredients in your serums and moisturisers to get to work and achieve your desired skincare results.

How to use a Cleanser?

No matter the type and texture of your preferred cleanser, (we’ll get onto that in a second…) apply the product into your hands and onto a dry face, adding in water to loosen if needed.  Massage into the skin, using a medium pressure and taking extra care to buff any areas which are more typically prone to congestion such as the sides of the nose, your chin and in between your eyebrows.

Once your face has been suitably polished, you are ready to remove your cleanser – an underrated but equally as important step. As tempted as you are to splash, resist, as you run the risk of the residue gathering and building up along the jawline instead of down the plughole. Instead, take a warm, dampened flannel or reusable cotton pad and sweep across the face. Apply a medium pressure to ensure all residue can be removed whilst also benefitting from natural exfoliation from the texture of the towel against your skin – a very welcomed bonus for glowing skin!