What to Bring as a Housewarming Gift

There is nothing quite like the experience of moving house. Despite the never-ending piles of boxes, the coordination of dates and the infamous pre-moving clear-out, putting the keys in the door for the first time and making your new house feel like a home is a feeling like none other! We caught up with Regent Street Flagship General Manager & QVC Guest Presenter for L’Occitane, Millie Lloyd to get her recommendations on housewarming gifts for friends and family.

I share the same excitement for a new home of my own as I do for a loved one’s new home too, and always love to find ways in which I can give a new home gift that will contribute to bring their homes to life. Whilst wine and flowers are timeless and gorgeous gestures, I prefer to gift something which adds to the homely feeling, and lasts a little longer than a box of chocolates (which are lucky to last a day in my house!).

Therefore, I thought I’d share with you my favourite L’OCCITANE housewarming gifts for all kinds of new home-dwellers to help provide a little inspiration for any upcoming first home visits.

Millie's Favourite New Home Gifts

Housewarming Gifts For the Eco-Conscious

What better way to add a homely touch than a stylish, yet practical, new home gift for the kitchen or bathroom? For this, I would recommend our liquid soap refill bundles! Our liquid soaps come in our classic Verbena and Lavender scents, and are gently cleanse the skin leaving it feeling extra nourished. In addition, our Eco-Refills use up to 90% less plastic than their counterparts, so the cherry on top for anyone who is looking to reduce their plastic consumption.


Housewarming Gifts For the Home Cooks

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this couldn’t be any truer for someone like my Mum who loves nothing more than cooking, and hosting, in a new kitchen. However there’s always the balance of keeping the house smelling nice and new alongside the many meals and memories being made in the kitchen! Therefore, I’d recommend our beautifully botanical Harmony Home range – the perfect housewarming gift to go in a room like a kitchen where you don’t want the scent to compete or clash with the cooking, but rather compliment it.

Bonne Mère Extra Pure Soap

For those looking for understated authenticity, the Bonne Mère Extra Pure Soap is another great gift!

Chic in its simplicity, this dye-free, fragrance-free soap is made with olive oil from Provence. Perfect for those looking for an authentic Provencal soap, and a great addition to the kitchen!


Blended with thyme, juniper and ylang-ylang, our ceramic candle burns gently and evenly for those dinner party evenings whilst the Home Diffuser set can decorate a corner of the living space to scent a constant but subtle inviting atmosphere across the whole home.

Housewarming Gifts For the Green-Thumbs

Of course, for many a new Garden is even more exciting than the house itself and preening the lawn can quite often can be prioritised over unpacking! If someone springs to mind when you read that sentence, I can think of no better housewarming gift than a Hand Scrub & Hand Cream Duo.

The buttery, gentle hand scrub will help to buff away any remaining soil from the hands and nail beds leaving the hard-working hands clean and prepped to absorb all of the nourishing benefits from our world famous hand cream. Not only will this duo keep the hands moisturised and soft, it will do a brilliant job at keeping mucky hands off of new handles and doorknobs - although no guarantee for the muddy footprints!

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Housewarming Gifts For Anyone!

And finally, we all know despite the elating feeling of being a new place, we often move in exhausted and in need of some TLC to reward us for completing the big achievement of a move! What better way to help your loved one unwind than by providing them with the ultimate pamper set or a new home gift hamper.
My relaxation night-in set would consist of the following:

Lavender Foaming Bath

A silky, aromatic foaming bath such as our Lavender Foaming Bath watch the box-carrying-induced aching muscles and the busy mind unwind after just one soak!

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Immortelle Reset Serum

The ultimate stress-buster; our Overnight Reset Serum. The coordination of moving has taken a toll on the complexion, introduce our iconic Reset Serum into the evening skincare routine and bring back the glow after just one night.

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Relaxing Pillow Mist

And finally, to help with sleeping in a new environment, there is no better product to aid this than our Relaxing Pillow Mist. Linen safe, a few spritzes 30 minutes before bed will allow your loved to feel cosy and at home in their new bedroom and awaken refreshed to face another day of unpacking!

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